About Us

About us

Welcome to Historica Academy

Mr. Manoj Singh with an experience of more than 15 years in preparation of civil services exams established this institute in Jaipur with the aim of providing quality guidance and personality development to the students who are pursuing their career in Administrative services.

The institute is purely dedicated to civil services exams only including both Union and State Public service exams. Unlike many other institutes where every students is considered as potential customer Historica Academy offers free career guidance to all the students who are searching for information on civil service exams and only those are advised to take admission who really need it.

Emphasis is given on preparing students for handling adverse examination hall situation instead of just giving lengthy lectures and bulk study materials. Proper time management is the key to every success, here students are guided how to divide limited time in preparing for different aspects of this exam.


We at Historica Academy give due respect to your invaluable time and available resources. Our faculty members with a high average of experience gives personal attention to each and every student so that he can be guided in prefect direction making use of his limitations and strong points. For preliminary exams thorough study of the subject with logical analysis of facts is provided so that candidates can attempt maximum questions on the basis of logical association. Emphasis is given on selective studies specially for the written examinations.


Why Choose us

We are the best or we are the no. 1 !! Everyone might be saying this but we will not say this. Ask our students, our rank holders in various competitive exams and they will say that this is the best institute. This trust and credibility of the Historica Academy is not earned in a day or in months, this is the outcome of the unmatched efforts and innovative teaching techniques of our faculties since last 10 years. Manoj Singh Sir, founder of the institute had an one point aim of removing the examination phobia from the minds of the students. His teaching techniques are unique and his sense of humor keeps the students always attentive in the class. And thus an exam is no longer a fear factor for the students who have taken guidance from him. At Historica Academy, emphasis is laid on developing learning skills among the students. An uncompromised quality of the teaching awards the institute with the highest number of selections in the recent RAS and IAS exams. Its rightly said that "Its never too late to start", so join our courses now and find the right direction to achieve your goal. Civil services exams in India are considered as highly competitive due to the elaborate procedure which the candidate has to pass through before being finally selected. To cope up with lengthy syllabus an effective strategy is required during the preparation. Historica Academy is the only institute in India which aims at all round personality development thus making success a way of life. Visit us center now and make a first step towards birght future by ensuring your selection in IAs or RAS exaams.


Our Mission

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Our visions

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